Clearlight Glass and Mirror has added the Neptun T10 vertical CNC glass-cutting machine to our tool belt–our second CNC machine to complement our existing horizontal Intermac CNC. The Neptun T10 helps us deliver more of the flat glass products our customers have come to expect with a significant decrease in processing times. As a growing business with lots of loyal customers, the need for us to deliver a higher volume of glass led to us adding this vertical CNC machine with its speed, precision, and capabilities. The addition of the vertical CNC machine increases our volume capabilities and decreases our lead times without sacrificing precision while also adding redundancy to our facilities, to reduce downtime. 

How adding the Neptun T10 to our tool belt helps our customers:

  1. Reduced Cycle Times
    Vertical CNC glass-cutting machines are typically faster than horizontal table-top CNC glass-cutting machines. Vertical machines can cut piece after piece without stopping to reset suction cups, thereby lowering cycle times. For example, two years ago, our CNC machine cycle time for shower doors was 50 minutes for two hinge cutouts and two handle holes. The Intermac Biesse Master table-top CNC machine reduced that cycle time to 12 minutes. With the T10 vertical CNC machine, our cycle time drops even further to 6-8 minutes per shower door! For high-volume glass fabricators like Clearlight, the vertical CNC machine’s increased cutting speed can lead to significant time and cost savings for our customers;
  2. Increased Capacity
    With two CNC glass cutting machines working simultaneously, Clearlight can handle a higher volume of complex cutting jobs that require computer numeric precision. The addition of a second machine will reduce Clearlight’s lead times so customers can receive their orders more quickly; and
  3. Added Versatility
    The addition of the vertical CNC glass cutting machine to our existing horizontal machine means that Clearlight can CNC mill and drill both flat-edged and radius-edged pieces. Both machines have quick-change tool capabilities, storing drill bits, routers, and traps in tool holders immediately next to the glass, reducing the time necessary to execute different fabrication tasks on the same piece of glass.

Check out the Neptun T Series in Action with this Manufacturer’s video to get a better idea of just some of the capabilities of the new tool here at Clearlight Glass: 

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