What is insulated glass?

Insulated glass, double pane, or IG units refer to a single unit of glass composed of two or more panes of glass sealed around the edges with an air space in between. Insulated glass minimizes heat and cold transfer, making it versatile and energy-efficient.

Instualted Glass DisplayClearlight Glass and Mirror specializes in making insulated glass units for curved or beveled applications and can custom make insulated glass in various sizes, shapes, and thicknesses. We offer many options to match any style and decor:

  • Double-glazed units
  • Triple-glazed units
  • Encapsulated units – perfect for art glass and stained glass
  • Lightweight glass – with beveled or specialty edges
  • Specialty and textured glass
  • Custom-etched designs
  • Privacy-etched units

Insulated glass thickness standards

With a variety of glass thicknesses and spacers, we can meet almost any thickness requirement.

Glass ThicknessMax Square FeetMax Long SideMax Short Side

Regardless of your specified insulated glass needs, Clearlight has production capabilities to meet any order. Please contact us today and our knowledgeable staff can answer any questions that you may have.

Low Emissivity Glass

Low emissivity or low-e coatings for glass is also great for preventing heat or cold from escaping through your windows. Low-e coating will reflect the heat of the sun in summer months and retain it in colder weather, overall it considerably enhances the performance of windows. This glass is a perfect choice for homes or buildings with lots of windows or glass doors. This benefit is achieved through a thin coating applied during the manufacturing process. Low emissivity glass reduces the amount of infrared and ultraviolet light diffused without restricting visible light. So, if you are looking to reduce your heating or cooling bills, decrease your lighting costs, or preventing sun bleaching of your furniture or décor, consider this as an option for your next project.

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