We have many options for colored mirrors and antique mirrors at Clearlight Glass.

Standard Mirror Colors

We stock mirrors in clear, as well as in bronze and gray.  Other mirror colors and thicknesses are also readily available, please call us and we can discuss the other options.

One-Way Mirrors

One-way mirrors, sometimes also called two-way mirrors, are semi-transparent mirrors that allow for light to pass through one direction and reflect in the other direction. From bathroom vanity mirror TVs to security windows, the Clearlight Glass & Mirror experts are prepared to help you decide on the right one-way mirror for your project.

Avian Antique Mirror Finish

Due to its popularity and availability, we offer Avian antique mirror for the best price and are able to sell you cut pieces instead of sheets. Each piece of this beautiful antique mirror is made by hand and has natural variations within each sheet and from sheet to sheet. This photo is a sample that shows its silvery cloud-like pattern.

Custom Antique Mirror Finishes

We also offer ten unique antique mirror patterns that are made to order and gives each piece a custom appearance because no two are exactly alike. These patterns are available in full or half sheets, and there will be crating and shipping fees in addition to the cost of the mirror. Because these patterns are made to order, you will need to allow enough time for manufacturing, shipping, and fabrication to meet your project’s due date.

Whether you need a custom mirror color or are looking for antique mirror finishing options, give us a call. Our professional design staff would love to help you out.

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