At Clearlight Glass and Mirror, we offer many options for your colored glass projects. From door inserts to bathroom vanities, to tabletops, we have many choices that will make your custom project stand out.

Glass Color samples - Gray, Bronze, Black, ClearStandard Glass Colors

  • Gray
  • Bronze
  • Black
  • Clear

Low iron extra clear glass and Float Standard Clear glass samplesLow Iron Glass

Low-iron glass has less of the green tint that you normally see in glass, giving it maximum clarity and neutrality for an open and transparent feel. This picture shows the visual difference between standard clear float glass and the premium ultra-clear low iron glass.

Low Emissivity Glass

Low emissivity or low-e coatings for glass is a type of energy-efficient glass designed to prevent heat or cold from escaping through your windows to the outdoors. Low-e coating significantly increases the performance of windows, making this type of glass a perfect choice for buildings that have a high proportion of windows or glass doors. Using a microscopically thin coating or additions during the manufacturing process, low-e glass minimizes the amount of infrared and ultraviolet light transmitted without limiting visible light. This has great benefits for your home including:

  • Reduced heating and cooling bills
  • Reduced lighting costs
  • Reduced sun-bleaching of decor

Painted Glass

Clearlight also provides painted glass with limitless color options. Using a state-of-the-art, heat-cured, two-coat technology our suppliers manufacture and fabricate durable painted glass in any size ranging from 4″ x 4″ to 96″ x 144″.

Painted glass is ideal for commercial, institutional, and residential spaces, and can even contribute towards LEED credits. Unlimited color options, color clarity, and extreme durability make back-painted glass perfect for projects large and small; whether you require annealed, tempered, custom-cut, or laminated options for your projects.

Printed Glass

Clearlight provides glass printed with virtually any image — photographs, illustrations, designs, colors. You name it and we can have it printed on the glass suitable for your project. Our past work has printed a variety of images and designs on glass for the hospitality sector, restaurants, designers, and high-end homes. Let us add a unique design piece to your custom project!

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