Clearlight Glass is helping fight the spread of the virus by offering protective barriers and sneeze guards for use in office reception, in restaurants, and work areas for the medical, dental, and professional communities. With delivery in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and ship nationwide. We offer acrylic (plexiglass) barriers and glass barriers that can be moveable or permanent in your space. We currently provide three options which are available for delivery and installation:

Moveable or Permanent Glass Protective Barrier with Posts

A professional look for your space is achieved with glass secured in stable stainless steel or matte black posts (fabricated locally in North Carolina) which can be either moveable or permanent. These barriers can allow for a pass-through of documents and payment and speak thru options are also available. The glass can be normal clear glass (which has a slight green tint) or ultra-clear low-iron glass (which has a slight blue hue on the edges). The glass is less expensive, more durable, and more available than acrylic, more easily disinfected, and will remain clear forever. Clearlight offers two standard sizes, with an additional custom-size option—for both glass size and post size—that will be priced based on the order. We have configured these glass barriers for reception areas, shared desks, cubicles, booths, tables, and other office and restaurant arrangements. We have posts with clamps arranged for 180-degree, 90-degree, or a combination thereof to accommodate long openings, corners, and three-way protective barriers.


Glass SizeGlass Thickness and TypePost Finish
24”H x 36”L¼” clear float glassBrushed Stainless Steel
24”H x 36”L¼” ultra-clear low-iron glassBrushed Stainless Steel
24”H x 72”L¼” clear float glassBrushed Stainless Steel with Center Post
24”H x 72”L¼” ultra-clear low-iron glassBrushed Stainless Steel with Center Post
36”H x 36”L3/8” clear float glassBrushed Stainless Steel
36”H x 36”L3/8” ultra-clear low-iron glassBrushed Stainless Steel
36”H x 72”L¼” clear float glassBrushed Stainless Steel with Center Post
36”H x 72”L3/8” ultra-clear low-iron glassBrushed Stainless Steel with Center Post

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Moveable or Permanent Barriers with Inset or Fully-Framed Glass

Cristal glass protective barriers. Easy, practic, invisible. Made in Italy.

Beautifully crafted with Italian hardware, these glass barriers can provide either a permanent or moveable solution. A permanent solution, that can be mounted in place, protects employees and patients while seamlessly blending with your office decor is the inset Cristal series by Logli Massimo, an upscale Italian hardware designer. The fully-framed modular system, Meccano, from Logli Massimo is available in both permanent and moveable options. MeccanoGlass is an innovative modular system for glass protective barriers that allows the creation of partitions, barriers, desk panels, or any other idea to organize the environment. The connection between aluminum upright profiles and cross-beams is simple and elegant. The modular system allows for a two-way, three-way, or four-way profiles for all solutions, even with document slot and speak-thru.

Clearlight Glass is proud to be the exclusive distributor, east of the Mississippi, for Logli Massimo. In addition to the advantages glass provides (scratch-resistant, disinfectable, 100% recyclable), the Cristal series is practically invisible to the eye while providing the protection valued people in these current and post-pandemic environments.

Clearlight Glass is currently offering the Invisible model within the Cristal (PDF) series and all models of the Meccano (PDF) series.

Cristal Invisible

Cristal invisible, minimal design protective system to be installed onto the working desk.

Barrier Features

System to be installed to the base through linear profiles. Minimal design for perfect and refined
integration in any working environment.

Available Protective Barrier Options

  • Glass only
  • With slot
  • With slot and accessories for speak-thru
  • With accessories for speak-thru

Barrier Glass Thickness

  • INVISIBLE For 8mm glass
  • INVISIBLE PH For 10mm glass

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Acrylic Protective Barrier

Acrylic protective barrier designs offered in two different sizes.
Acrylic, often known by the brand name “Plexiglas,” provides a clear and effective protective barrier that reduces the likelihood of transmission of the Coronavirus. Please keep in mind that acrylic will turn opaque with the use of disinfectants, scratches easily, and will need to be replaced if long-term use is contemplated.

Clearlight offers two standard sizes (with an additional custom option that will be priced based on the order):

Acrylic SizePanel ThicknessBase Finish
24”H x 32”L¼” AcrylicBrushed Stainless Steel
30”H x 40”L with Pass Through3/8” AcrylicBrushed Stainless Steel

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