V-Groove SamplesV-Grooving is a decorative option that can enhance the look and functionality of your glass or mirror. For V-grooving, our computer numerical control machine, or CNC, employs a vertical wheel in widths of 3/4” (6mm) to 3/8” (10mm) to grind a groove into the glass or mirror.

V-Grooving can help you create a custom look at feel for your glass or mirror, including intricate designs like flowers, lettering, and custom artwork. The most common usage for V-grooving is to add lines and geometric patterns and shapes to your custom glass or mirror piece.

Where have you seen V-grooving before?

Many used for V-grooving include glass inserts for cabinets, shelving to hold decorative plates and china, and large glass pieces, to break up sightlines and add texture to mirrors for a custom feel.

Rest assured, at Clearlight Glass & Mirror, we are able to fabricate your vision, to your specifications, for perfect pieces every time. Our machine and team are here to make it happen for you.

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