You have questions about tempered glass and Clearlight has the answers. Here are a few questions we hear often.

Can I Cut Tempered Glass?

No, you cannot cut tempered glass. Tempered glass is a type of glass that has been strengthened by a heat treatment process in an oven. This makes it very strong and able to withstand a lot of force. However, it also makes it impossible to cut. If you try to cut tempered glass with a glass cutter, it will likely shatter.
There are select instances when Clearlight is able to “shave” 1/16” to ⅛” off of an edge.  We use our edging machine to do this, but it is fraught with risk.  The glass has a high likelihood of shattering and thus clogging or otherwise damaging our machinery.  The damage and cleanup can cause the machine to be down for days.  THerefore, if you can convince us to try (a big if!), the price is heft to account for this risk.  Usually, it is less expensive to simply purchase a replacement piece of glass.

Can I bevel tempered glass?

No, you cannot bevel glass once it is tempered. The glass can be beveled before tempering, but not after.  

Can I etch Tempered Glass?

Yes, you can etch tempered glass. Etching glass is a process of using a chemical or sandblasting to etch a design into the surface of the glass.  It requires significant skill to etch tempered glass as it can easily shatter during the process, especially when sandblasting the etch.
Etching can be done for decorative or privacy purposes.  At Clearlight, we use [insert info about the new etching machine] to engage in a sandblasting procedure.  We also purchase acid-etched glass from float manufacturers.

We encourage ordering etched and tempered glass from Clearlight due to our expertise in this area.  We typically do not etch glass that we have not tempered.  Please give us a call to assist with your etched, tempered glass needs!

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